Food Calorie & Nutrient Database Page 163

Food Name
Noodles, Thai Style wide rice noodle, Yen-ta-fo
Noodle stir-fried, wide rice noodle with ground beef
Noodle stir-fried, wide noodle with chicken breast
Noodle stir-fried, wide noodle pork, drunken noodle
Baby Corn
Noodle stir-fried, drunken noodle, egg noodle shrimp
Macaroni, mixed drunken noodle
Pork, tender marinate
Noodle stir-fried, Thai Rad Nha, pork with chinese broccoli
Noodle stir-fried, Thai Rad Nha, egg noodle with shrimp and squid
Noodle stir-fried, Soba with shrimp and pork
Noodle stir-fried, Yakisoba, Pork
Pan Fried, mussel with bean sprout
Pan fried, oyster omlette
Sauce, ketchup
Spaghetti, salty mackerel
Noodle stir-fried, Macaroni chicken and shrimp
Sukiyaki, thai style, shrimp and squid
Sauce, thai style, sukiyaki
Nuts, coconut milk, light
Eggplant, Thai
Thai style, vermicelli rice noodle with chicken green curry
Thai style, fish chili sauce
Thai style, vermicelli rice noodle with fish chili sauce
Thai style, steamed curry fish
Baking Soda
Baking Powder
Chinese Chive Dumplings
Sauce, thai style, spicy dumpling sauce
Chinese Chive Dumplings, with sauce
Grass Jelly, in syrup
Over rice, cinnamon pork with egg
Thai Spicy Salad, cellophane noodles with shrimp and pork
Tapioca, small pearl
Thai dessert, corn and tapioca pearls with coconut cream
Thai style, salted green mustard with pork ribs
Lime, pickle
Thai style, winter melon with chicken pickle lime soup
Thai style, curry pork with morning glory
Thai style, pineapple curry shrimp
Thai dessert, mung bean with egg yolk
Glutinous rice flour
Thai dessert, glutinous with coconut
Ice cream, coconut milk
Ka Nhom Tian, sweet stuffed dough pyramid
Ka Nhom Tian, stuffed dough pyramid
Snack, sun bite, original
Japanese, sushi-rice
Pork, sweet fried
Ka Nhom Keng, coconut with glutinous rice pastry

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