Calorie & Nutrient Calculator

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Calorie Guide

Men Bodyfat GuideBodyfat Guide from Credit ATHLEAN-X
Women Bodyfat Credit Buildlean
Weight unit
Calories from fat guide
RDASuggests that fat calories should not be over than 30%.
ISSARecommends that fat calories should be around 15%.
Activity level guide
Very LightSitting, studying, little walk.
LightTeaching,lap/shop work, some walk.
ModerateCycling, tennis, dancing, skiing, weight trainning 1-2 hours/day
HeavyDigging, climbing, football soccer, weight trainning 2-4 hours/day
Very HeavyHeavy 8 hours plus 2-4hours intense training/day

How to use the guide

The calculator will show how much calorie, protein, carbohydrate and fat, your body needs per day base on the current body status and activity. To estimate daily requirement correctly, you should re-calculate your target every three months.

For dieting, basically you can subtract 400-500 kcal from total calorie by reducing carbohydrate. With this volume, you can reduce your weight around 1 pound per week but you can increase or decrease the amount depending on your situation.

  1. Choose gender.
  2. Choose current bodyfat.(Example: ATHLEAN-X.COM)
  3. Choose your goal.
  4. Choose your weight unit (pound or kilogram).
  5. Fill your weight.
  6. Choose your target calorie from fat,USDA(United States Department of Agriculture) says not over than 30% and The ISSA(The International Sports Sciences Association) recommends at 15% of total calorie per day.
  7. Choose your activity level.
  8. Click Calculate